Recent Work & News

“Why does it bother me when others marvel at what I don’t find wondrous?” / MARVEL / lyric essay / Heavy Feather Review (print)

“Proposal for a new marvel: darkning.” / from MARVEL / comics based on my lyric essay / Drunken Boat

“There’s a symmetry that thrums but is virtuoso” / Honored by the University of Rochester at the 7th annual Celebration of the Book

“Ophthalmologists estimate that men cry for between two and four minutes, and women for six.” / “THAT WHICH IS BOTH RECURRENT & UNPROVOKED,” “NEVER UNTIL NOW,” “EDGEWISE” / poems / Nine Mile Magazine

“The poems are peppered with a wryness that I associate with experience, and one can imagine an older actor like Bill Murray reading them aloud in my head.” / Review of We Lack in Equipment & Control / Former People

“Because no one asked me to be a natural wonder, I am a natural hazard.” / “JENNY FORTIN DID EVERYTHING RIGHT,” “ALL THE FEASTS THESE AREN’T,” “SECURITY BREACH” / poems / The Equalizer

“I read as a way to shape my approach, to choose a general direction instead of letting it choose me, to be set into motion.” / “7 Books about How I’m Trying to Struggle Prose into/out of My Corner” / blog post / H_NGM_N Tumblr

“Modesty used to feel good, and I bet it would still feel good.” / “RESPONDING TO A LIFE WITH A LIFE” / poem / Forklift, Ohio (print)

“The weather can hold us, Fortin suggests in this fascinating and rich new collection, if we only turn and face it.” / Review of We Lack in Equipment & Control / PANK