Recent Work & News

“But it was no awesome feeling the death notices and the inaccessibility they implied provoked in me, like it would have been to be the first to see something in action, a kilometer unfurling. Like it would have been to face a smear of stars wary and fearful, sophisticated.” / I AM NOT CONTENT TO ABSORB MY INVADERS / lyric essay / Seneca Review (print)

“Why does it bother me when others marvel at what I don’t find wondrous?” / MARVEL / lyric essay / Heavy Feather Review (print)

“Proposal for a new marvel: darkning.” / from MARVEL / comics based on my lyric essay / Drunken Boat

“There’s a symmetry that thrums but is virtuoso” / Honored by the University of Rochester at the 7th annual Celebration of the Book

“The poems are peppered with a wryness that I associate with experience, and one can imagine an older actor like Bill Murray reading them aloud in my head.” / Review of We Lack in Equipment & Control / Former People